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The report re-examines the premise that American psychologist Walter B Pitkin came to that ‘Life begins at 40’ in 1932

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In future, please don’t send photos to Reuters that were processed from RAW or CR2 files

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16, the Jets lost their final five games

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I was unappreciated for a long time

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The company has 90pc of full-year revenue covered, with more orders set to come in the second half as contracts renew.

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22 suspension of Kane's law license, however, may prevent her from officially releasing the emails

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Here are some of the hidden highlights.

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Last year's rooibos harvest yielded 11,000 metric tons.

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His aim: seek a foothold in all major regions for Delta, the world’s third-biggest airline.

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To say seeing nothing but smartphone after smartphone being released one after another is monotonous is an understatement

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In the experiments, the chip achieved an acceleration gradient, or energy boost over a given distance, roughly 10 times higher than the SLAC linear accelerator can provide

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PBGC did not request the increase, an agency official confirmed

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And on the Croatia-Serbia border, Croats were only accepting people from those three countries plus Palestine.

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outside Hollywood and Highland, the shopping and entertainment complexpopular among tourists

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Officials said that number had dropped to about 30,000 by Wednesday evening and predicted most would regain power by Thursday

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It was, as TV critics were quick to point out, "softer" than the "Today" show

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But there is scant, if any, evidence that asylum seekers have arrived in their host country already intent on inflicting harm

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Those under age 45 back him by 29 points (59-30 percent)

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Nishikori faults his first serve and hits a forehand wide for 0-15, then faults his next first serve and plays a brilliant backhand that Federer can't quite get to for 15-15

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The lawmaker, Nikos Nikolopoulos, refused to resign his seat and is expected to be expelled from the right-wing populist Independent Greeks party

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Why in the world would it have taken so long for Hollywood to figure it out."

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There was a call on the field that was a touchdown

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in NATO or in the region." He especially wants the Saudis and other Gulf Sunni Arabs to commit ground forces, and he thinks that's a possibility, he said

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A study of the impact of this new programme found that post-treatment, 50% of those who had taken part were either in remission and/or recovered from their symptoms

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If any reader was offered the $5bn of assets that Facebook deploys they might be happy but they would be ill-advised to spend them trying to replicate and displace Mr Zuckerberg’s empire.

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It was a good match, maybe some more breaks than we’re used to

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These at-risk groups usually only require a single vaccine.

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Their bombing campaign against political, military and economic targets was aimed at creating an independent state for the ethnic minority Tamils

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