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The area has felt numerous quakes in recent years but the one on Thursday may have been the most significant.
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But if they go ahead, they should know that they will be making plain to the world that they are willing to break that oath, and to do so in order to advance their own interests.
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It's also the image used for January in her 2016 calendar..
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Unfortunately, the nature of suicide means it is often impossible to know the reasons why someone has chosen to take their life
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Match Group, which touts itself as the world's No
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SIR – The BBC is considering phasing out the Red Button service, which provides easily accessible news, travel, weather, finance, sport and other important information via a television set
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Eagles QB Mark Sanchez needs 334 yards passing to reach 15,000
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The team trailed, 76-61, and looked to be on its way to a fourth straight loss
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Younger players have a fresher mindset.
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For the New Yorker in the small Midtown apartment pondering a 32-inch LED, the View provides an interesting option — more movable and portable but just as good at delivering streaming content
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“We are a compassionate nation
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But for some reason (possibly to keep costs down?), it equips its View with an LCD display
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It’s a win-win so to speak in sports terms
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"That is an incredible feat and one that will be rightly celebrated across the world next year
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Vandals, Goths and Moors were among the later invaders.
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This dedication to giving investors a trading advantage led to the creation of our proven Zacks Rank stock-rating system
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Production will start in 2017 from Meggitt's facility in California to meet entry into service in 2019.
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Michael Morrissey, warehouse manager at The Merchant Wine and Spirits in Kingston, said residents in nearby towns will often travel to Kingston to load up on supplies and capitalize on discounts
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Fletcher was killed and 10 others injured on April 17, 1984, when someone opened fire with a submachine gun from inside the Libyan People's Bureau on St
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"Your exposure to health care costs are much higher" with a high-deductible plan, says Karen Pollitz,a senior fellow for the Kaiser Family Foundation
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Complicating the decision was the deteriorating economicgrowth outlook
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“If you take France a few years ago, the domestic intelligence services were tracking one or two thousand people, now it is up to 15,000 plus
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Despite what our waiter said, small plates at the top of the menu serve a half-person
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These councils are responsible for different scientific disciplines and have built up expertise in how best to allocate money within their specific research areas.
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They get access to stage and studio rehearsals, and are the first to find out news and cast information
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And I talk about corporate inversion, Carl Icahn watched me in the speech — he said, that's the greatest speech.