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Her supporters within the ANC have said it is also time South Africa had a female leader, a rarity on a continent with strong patriarchal heritage

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They wondered why there are people who are poor.”

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Here are some of the hidden highlights.


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The group reported an 30 percent uptick in the money spent on DTC ads in the past two years, now a total of $4.5 billion

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Passengers climb down the side of the ferry KM Wihan Sejahtera as it capsizes in Tanjung Perak port, Surabaya, East Java November 16, 2015 in this photo provided by Antara Foto

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The poor Brussels district of Molenbeek has been at the center of investigations after it emerged that at least two of the attackers had been living there

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ISIS releases video and photos of men who carry out suicide missions, but they have never posted images of any such attacks by women

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An FTA spokeswoman said: “Recruiting HGV drivers is the most acute skills issue facing logistics with an estimated shortfall of around 50,000.”

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And there’s that small group of people who use it as an opportunity to spew whatever hatred they want without fearing accountability or repercussions

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In honour of the no-shave month, here is the best facial hair in the world of business

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This team, though, when things come together, they’re unbeatable.”

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The latest 463m cash injection took place this month, to be ready for the winter of 2019.

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The plan doesn't have teeth — it will be up to state and local governments, water utilities, irrigation districts and others to provide the money and muscle to make it work

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It's like saying he's a leprechaun

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It has nonetheless prompted a host of Fedpolicymakers to air their concerns.

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Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels deployed multiple female suicide bombers as part of a more than two decade insurgency

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He said he had asked leaders of relevant congressional committees to work with Republican Representative Peter King of New York to come up with a way forward.

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The rule adopted would be made public and any deviation from it would lead to a congressional audit.

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"He or she, whoever did this, or they, doesn't represent anybody but themselves

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“And, at Barca, they never change the idea

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"Square's financials leave much to be desired

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“It is not surprising that anti-gun politicians and publications are distorting the facts to push a gun control agenda.”

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Starboard had supported the planned spinoff of the Alibaba stake, currently worth about $30 billion, before the U.S

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Mr Taylor would have had no idea Charlie had crawled under the car and no blame should be apportioned to him."


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The Justice Department is focusing on lower end kitchenappliances, the type that home builders put in new houses andapartments or that consumers buy at big box stores

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After the season, Groh bolted for his alma mater, the University of Virginia

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Can Federer keep his advantage? Nishikori starts well and catches Federer out of position for 15-0 but Federer sends a serve back the way it came for 15-15

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Healey, a Democrat, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, have differed on whether the games are gambling or contests of skill

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The explosion was so violent that her spine was later found lying in the street outside.

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In Paris and, more regularly in Iraq, they have proven to have "fairly capable military forces," Dunford said

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“Dear @WashingtonPost @FoxSports and the other news outlets that followed suit,” she began

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