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“Pepsi has always been synonymous with pop culture,” says Emma Quigley, head of music at PepsiCo (U.S.)

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But if someone has already thought through a few worst-case scenarios then this process will be quicker

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No note was made of the meeting, and the staff present cannot be named

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The most sophisticated and potentially helpful efforts - including impersonating a recruit - run the greatest risk of complicating official efforts by the U.S

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Russia and the West are divided over Syria, with Moscowsupporting President Bashar al-Assad and Western countriessaying he must leave power to end a 4-year-old civil war

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And if you love to take selfies while you get your spreadsheet editing on, look no further.

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Brazil is among the world's 10 largest carbon emitters andwill be an important participant of the global climate talks inParis early next month

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The time for hiding in the shadows is well and truly over

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The stone was only found on Monday, and the company hasn't yet decided when or how to sell the stone into the market

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Unbreakable cell phone security is but one piece of a broad trend toward encrypting data and communications

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"The time in prison will be harder for him than forprisoners who committed the exact same offense

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The company also claims that the device provides ”enhanced light sensitivity in low light conditions with less color artefact,’ though it doesn’t explain exactly how

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But the risk turned out to be an uncertainty, and the chain reaction that this conceptual error sparked ended up wrecking the global economy

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It is already running an ambitious multi-year ”Drive Me' pilot scheme in Gothenburg, Sweden on real-world roads

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The meal starts with the obligatory bread course — I’ll dispense with the complaint about the $8 charge, which has become standard in New York

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Square, which attracted a $6 billion private valuation last year, was valued at half that based on Wednesday night's IPO price of $9

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The rule adopted would be made public and anydeviation from it would lead to a congressional audit.

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Within five years, they hope to produce a working prototype of an 'accelerator-on-a-chip'.

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The vote in the House follows last week's horrific ISIS attacks in Paris and comes amid increased fears among U.S

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Leg-spinner Adil Rashid has also been left out and will join Adelaide Strikers to play in the Big Bash Twenty20 competition.

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His biggest day in football came in January 1956, when Bristol Rovers (lying sixth in the old Second Division at the time) were drawn at home to Manchester United in the third round of the FA Cup

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Two issues immediately came to mind - my sister's wedding less than three weeks later, and my fertility.

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Here are some of the hidden highlights.

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Carolyn Maloney of Manhattan and freshman Republican Rep

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They have, reluctantly, been forced to strike because they are not being heard

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"I've been playing the role since the beginning of the season," Harris says of the Giants' slot job

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The wise play would be to lock up Fitzpatrick, who’s in the final year of a two-year deal signed with the Texans, next month assuming the veteran doesn’t fall off the cliff

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Nevertheless, its Whittier Elementary School gets high marks

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It can control acceleration, braking and steering while maintaining distance at speeds of up to 50km/h and will be offered on all 2016 models

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I have one building that's worth $1.9 billion

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Gilbert remains a visible face around the team


Federer is totally in control of this match now.

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The two are so similar that on paper the original model makes more sense, but riders attracted by the retro image or customising potential of this first Faster Son won’t be disappointed

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Bush wants to conduct more airstrikes, commit more special forces and — here's where he differs from the president — create a no-fly zone.

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And if you miss a payment during the introductory period, the offer can be terminated on the spot.

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I can only speculate on what my motives were and what the other members of the IDC: to get things done, to make government work again

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Intense rivalries, such as Spain's clasico, fade in significance, as does whether Barcelona star Lionel Messi returns from injury to face Madrid archrival Cristiano Ronaldo.

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And that would allow us, for example, to monitor from space the biggest power stations on Earth."

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Some people working in the alcohol industry laughed off the report

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citizen and a Palestinian man, and at least four more injured in a drive-by shooting and vehicular attack at a bus stop near a busy intersection in the southern West Bank.

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A Tamil woman blew herself up in 1991 in southern India, killing Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

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"This is not a political debate but a commercialdebate about whether Hungary has the right to enter into a 12billion euro commercial or business deal with a non-EU state."

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Click the link (right) to drool over the recent Dior collections, or don't waste any time in stealing Jennifer's style and take a look at our edit below

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Bankers have not been sent to jail because they didn’t do anything illegal

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