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Potted Green has a range of exterior hire plants to suit your needs. We regularly work with Real Estate agents and property owners to revive gardens of properties about to go on the market. We not only provide short term hire plants but can also carry out gardening work which includes the removal of old plants, carry out replanting and outdoor surface cleaning.


We will work with you to provide plants and containers that will suit the situation and enhance the appeal of your premises.

To help save you time and money, when combined with indoor plant hire, we can also maintain exterior gardens if required. We can remove dead or unwanted plants, supply and replant new plants and provide ongoing maintenance for these outdoor areas.

As part of our maintenance service one of our team members will regularly visit to water, trim and feed your plants to ensure they are always at their best.

exterior hire plants for styling properties

Potted Green has always provided our clients with quality plants and garden maintenance over the course of our sales campaigns. Brendon and his team are a pleasure to work with and they are always working hard to meet our deadlines. The plant hire has a huge impact on our campaigns and assists with the final result for our sellers.

Emily Davidson, BresicWitney


Some of the reasons you might use exterior planters are to:

  • Enhance an entrance way
  • Break up hard features or large paved areas
  • Act as barriers or dividers
  • Add instant street appeal

but most of all think of the positive impact plants have on our environment!

Plants to soften buildings

Building softening

Planter boxes can be used along the side of buildings to soften the visual impact or at windows to create a screen. In addition, plants will absorb heat and noise.

Short term options

Potted Green Plant Hire also offer a number of options for short term plant hire for a range of uses such as real estate sales, weddings, exhibits etc.