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Just throwing darts you do better than that

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In terms of an investment strategy for any further savings, they state they are happy with the risk of the FTSE All-Share index

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She was replaced by Sandy Hill, an anchor at KABC in Los Angeles

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The passports had been altered with photos of the Syrians replacing the original ones

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"They probably lost because they were drunk," he said

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"It doesn't help at all for just one person to go

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The back also has a centre pleat that gives the outerwear piece a flared silhouette

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This leaves everyone worse off, some say.

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Wafa Idris, a 27-year-old Palestinian paramedic, blew herself up in downtown Jerusalem on Jan

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What he's doing now puts him on a level with the two footballers we consider above the rest."

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For all these improvements, the hybrid doesn't make any quantum leaps in its primary mission

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The Japanese gets back but hits the net with an overhead attempt

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He doesn't think GOP front-runner Donald Trump will be around as a candidate on the night of the Iowa caucuses

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Trudeau ran on a promise to pull Canada's fighter jets out of the U.S.-led air campaign against IS.

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Richard Wilson of Washington University School of Medicine in St

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“Doctors choose medicine because they genuinely want to care for their patients and contribute to the health service

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"For the first time, parliament - the Treasury Committee -has appointed its own specialist advisers and placed them insidethe regulators, to monitor the preparatory work on this report,"Tyrie said.

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Tanev's cap hit of $4.45 million is larger than Hamonic's at $3.85 million, but with almost $5.5 million in cap space to spare, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

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Arrieta became the third Cy Young winner from the area in the last two years

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Corsica is largely mountainous; high cliffs and rocky inlets characterise much of its coast

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The bank had room to keeprates on hold, to alleviate pressure on the economy, Nedbankhead of research Mohammed Nalla said

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Gale force winds will bring a band of rain and snow across much of central and southern Britain starting on Friday night and continuing into Saturday

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The strong dollar makes it much harder for U.S

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Federer serves first on the next set and again Nishikori takes a point off him

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The fall of either would deal a significant blow to the US-led coalition’s claims that they are slowing Isil’s advances.

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A damaged toilet stands amidst rubble in the town of Douma in eastern Ghouta of Damascus October 17, 2015

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People may not like it, but the answer is simply that there was no discernible offence, even of knowing recklessness and negligence, let alone criminal misconduct

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But going into next season, having that workload under my belt, is only going to help me prepare for next season.”

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And, personally, I think that the way campaigns have become a huge funding mechanism for media is inherently corrupt

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She saysthe school will do its best to identify anonymous users of Yik Yak whowere allegedly threatening BLM protesters on the app, in the hopes of punishing them.

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I've walked away from deals before and then sat back and regretted walking away from those deals, but now I don't regret walking away from them at all

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If you wish to argue with that same mechanical detachment as those who make the link between foreign policy and terror, then it is legitimate to draw a link between immigration and terror

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It's probably a reason why we always got on well